JY-MCU (linvor) and Arduino and Android

I was just able to establish basic communication between a cheap dealextreme.com bluetooth module SKU 104299 JY-MCU (linvor), an Arduino Duemilanove and my Galaxy S3. I also used a CD4050BE level shifter to change from 5V to 3.3V

I used the following sources:


But I just realized that this is probably way better:


I simply connected the 4050 Level converter to the Arduino, pins 0 and 1, then connected the Level Converter to the Bluetooth Module. Wire up the Bluetooth Module and Level Converter to 3.3V and GND and you are in business, circuit wise.

Download the “ArduDroid” Application and pair with the dealextreme bluetooth module (linvor). The PIN should be 1234.

I used the code from the instructables site and uploaded it to the Arduino. I changed the pins to 0 and 1 for RX and TX respectively.


I will draw up a fritzing diagram so you can see how it is wired soon.


Installing SteamOS on an older motherboard (ASUS P5EVM-HDMI)

I have a motherboard without fancy UEFI bios. This is what i’ve done to get it to work. This is basically a mashup of a few methods I’ve found on the internet so far. Credit goes to them and I will try to get better links & references to those where it is due.

Be on windows PC, have flash drive > 2GB

Download SteamOSInstaller.zip (the smaller one)

Extract to Desktop in SteamOS folder

Download the “two grub package files” from the reddit link

Make a folder in the SteamOS folder called ‘grub’ and copy the ‘two grub package files’ from the reddit link into this new folder

Download oscdimg.exe (from game cube world thread)

Open cmd prompt, cd to Downloads folder

Run This: oscdimg.exe -m -o -j2 -h -pEF -bC:\Users\XUSERNAMEX\Desktop\SteamOS\boot\grub\efi.img -lSteamOS C:\Users\XUSERNAMEX\Desktop\SteamOS\ SteamOS.iso

Download unetbootin

Plug in flash drive, make sure formatted in fat32

Open unetbootin and specify iso you just created and go

Place into desired machine. It will erase everything so be ready. Make sure to set bios to boot from flash drive.

unetbootin will load up, you’ll have lots of options, use ‘Untitled Entry grub0′

Install will start and go automatically

It will fail eventually when it can’t install grub

press ctrl-alt-f2

type the commands seen in the reddit post (chroot /target etc…)

you’ll have a prompt come up asking where to install grub, just install to all for now.

press ctrl-alt-f5

click continue and try to get past the grub failure.

a prompt will show and ask to install to MBR. yes you want to do this. let installer finish.

remove flash drive, reboot.

log in as ‘steam’ password ‘steam’

log out

log in as ‘desktop’ password ‘desktop’

open up terminal, type ~/post_logon.sh

password is ‘desktop’

it will reboot and hopefully you’ll get into the steamOS


If you don’t want automatic partitioning, download this file and place it into the SteamOS directory before you create the ISO (Right click below and save as default.preseed)